Violin Lessons in Cork

The violin lessons with a difference


Yes I am available to give violin lessons to children and adults. My teaching is strongly influenced by the insights I have gained through teaching the Alexander Technique and my own path as a musician and life long learner.  In my explorations I have come to see that music is not about passing an exam or playing some black dots on a piece of paper.  Much more it is about expressing yourself through your instrument.  This is why I don’t prepare students for any exams.  I realised that a student who has a desire to learn and the necessary curiosity to explore and make mistakes seems to learn with a greater sense of fun and interest.   My emphasize is on nourishing curiosity and self-motivation in my students so that learning can happen  with ease and joy.

If this is something that sounds right for you please ….

give me a call to book your lesson 087-9584232