I feel very lucky to play with some amazing musicians and friends.  Here are some of the projects I am or have been involved in:

Stuart Wilde

Stuart Wilde’s music has been compared to Nick Cave, Tom Waits & Bob Dylan. His style though, is unique. Dark, heartfelt and poetic, his songs range from thunderous to tender, populated by stories of lost love, shadow worlds, dirty dishes, the sea, mud and crows.

Performing as a duo of vocal, guitar & foot percussion with Kathryn Doehner  on violin they make a big sound, which could be described as Alternative Irish Blues.



Convergence Ensemble

A unique Rhythm-based project, employing the talents of some of Ireland’s brightest musical stars. Led by percussionist-composer Éamonn Cagney, Convergence Ensemble cross many musical boundaries and express some of the influences at play in the Irish musical landscape today.
Performing music from “Convergence”, Éamonn’s new album, and music from Martin Tourish, Niwel Tsumbu and Dylan Gully.


Niwel Tsumbu‘s collaborations:

Song of the Nations

“Antidotes to the recession don’t come much more potent than this. Niwel Tsumbu’s indomitable, infectious spirit invaded the intimate confines of Whelan’s before his first song had evaporated. Tsumbu takes his audience on a journey of discovery that traverses the peaks and troughs of life’s unpredictable terrain with startling precision. He gives full rein to a sweep of syncopated rhythms that have many punters grasping and gasping to keep up.”
IRISH TIMES, Live review of Song of the Nations album launch, March 2009


The Clear Sky Ensemble

Cork’s ground-breaking new cross-cultural ensemble  of Niwel Tsumbu and his Clear Sky Ensemble is a ten-strong group of Cork-based musicians from across the globe which formed in 2006. The concert will premiere Tsumbu’s latest work, the Big Bang Symphony, music of extraordinary energy and power.  Benefiting from a major project grant from Cork City Council, Clear Sky features musicians from Congo, Brazil, San Francisco, Germany, Iran and Germany as well as Ireland and aims to lead the way in creating a new sound to reflect the shifting cultural mix of Cork City.


Tonynho dos Santos

Tonynho & Band perform World Music and Nu Jazz. Playing a combination of established songs in exciting new arrangements along with original compositions incorporating lively and innovative open improvisation, they mix the culture of the Orixas and Brazilian Native Indian and incorporating elements of Jazz, Salsa, Reggae and R&B.



In this picture performing with bestselling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho at the international book fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tonynho dos Santos and Kathryn Doehner play music that evades all labels, that could perhaps best be described as Latin Pop, Brazilian Afro Pop or Brazilian Jazz. In any case, music that has neither limits nor boundaries, made up of well-known themes in new arrangements as well as own compositions. Live music combined with electronic grooves and diverse solos that take you on an ever-changing journey of sound, deeply rooted somewhere between Africa, Brazil and Europe.