I play the violin and have recently started to explore the guitar and writing my own songs.  I’ve always played the violin well that is not technically speaking true.  I was 7 years old when I started.  I wish I could tell the story of how I was already playing the violin when I was a toddler but truth is I can’t remember if I was even attracted to playing the violin, if I made the decision myself to play the instrument at all.  I think it was probably more my parents choice believing that it is part of a well rounded education to play an instrument.   The fact that I can’t remember choosing to play the instrument is important and has shaped me in my career as a musician, performer and teacher.   It means that I had to reclaim playing the violin on my own terms later in life.  I went through the formal classical education and played in Symphony Orchestras and quartets.  I played Bach and Beethoven but not until I freed myself from the constraints of the classical world did I start to make playing music my own and learned how to express myself on my instrument.  I learned how to improvise and started to get involved in Worldmusic projects and explore all that music is and can be for me.   I am very fortunate to have played with many outstanding musicians in some amazing projects.