Alexander Technique

Applying Principles of Ease to Life


What is the Alexander Technique?
We are all borne at ease and whole.  Effort is usually not part of our experience as human beings in the beginning of our lives.  As we get older life seems to get more effortfull and less easy for many of us.  Often we experience symptoms of unease.  These might be physical or emotional.  The Alexander Technique is a method based on fundamental principles of human nature and design.  Applying those principles to our life brings back a greater sense of ease and helps reclaim our inherent nature.  It is very easy to be ourselves!  It is hard to be anything else.

Who was FM Alexander?
F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) the founder of this method was a pioneer and maverick. Originally he was an actor but following vocal problems that interfered with his performance he dedicated his life to studying and researching human design and functioning and developped what is today known as the Alexander Technique.  He questioned many so called “established truths” of the medical profession of his time and as a free thinker challenged the status quo of the times he lived in.

What I learned from studying the principles
Studying the Alexander Technique has started me on a journey of researching how to experience more ease and less effort in my own life and how I can help other people move towards more ease.  Find out more about my discoveries

Find out what my posture has taught me about life here.

You want more detail about the AT?
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How I can Help you?
I work with people in one- to one sessions and in groups. Typically people come to me with a problem or symptom of sorts.  This could be a physical problem like back pain, neck or shoulder pain or an emotional symtom such as performance anxiety, stress and depression.  Because I work with fundamental principles that apply to our inherent design it is not important what kind of problem you come with.  Once you understand what is causing your symptom change can happen and you can return to being you at ease.  If you are interested in exploring what life could be like with less effort, strain and tension drop me an email or give me a call.