So you want to find out more about who I am? ….

…I suppose that is legitimate since you have stumbled upon my site and are reading my content.

I am originally from the south of Germany.  But ever since I left school I felt an urge to travel and explore the world.  I felt that by doing so I would learn about myself, and the world from experience rather than from books.

I spend many years on that exploration of different countries.  Hitchhiked through the US, spend time in France, Ireland and Spain working with horses and on organic farms.  Worked in an animal rescue centre in Costa Rica.  Spend time studying music, dance and how to be a woman in Brazil.  Organised a tour through Germany and Ireland with an 11 piece Brazilian band.  By doing all of that my view of myself and the world changed quite a lot.  Being exposed to different cultures made me question the things that are taken for granted in my own culture and I started seeing how beliefs and perceptions are formed as a response to the culture we grow up in.  Learning different languages also made me realise how the language we speak reflects strongly the beliefs of our culture and influences the way we talk and think about life.

I have always worked for myself.  Independence and freedom  has always been one of my highest priorities in life.

With the birth of my daughter a lot changed for me and my explorations started to become more an exploration into myself rather than places.  Since 2005 I am living in the city of Cork in Ireland.  Since my arrival in Ireland I have trained in the Alexander Technique and established myself as a violinist with many different amazing projects.  

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